Does being lucky really exist?

autumn light throuh the treesAre we lucky or are we able to see the situation for what it is and take responsibility for making things happen for the better?

I had a serious neurological condition about 16 years ago. I was hospitalized for 12 days and wondered whether I would ever have the strength to walk again. I decided to cure the condition by changing my life – quitting my job, exercising daily, eating well and cutting down on stress. I also discovered Nonviolent Communication and I learned to say No. Over a period of about 8 years I worked on cutting down on my medication determined not to give up. Yes, there were lapses when I had to go back to the hospital for emergency treatment but I didn’t listen to one of the doctor’s advice. She said trying to heal the condition was a loosing battle and I should just accept the situation and take the medication. I ignored her, working to wean myself off the treatment and slowly I gained strength. Now I have a very few residual weaknesses.

A couple of days ago I was at an event where another person with the same neurological condition was presenting. People were shocked by his disability. When I mentioned to one of the volunteers that I had the same condition but had overcome it she immediately said I was lucky. “NO”, I said emphatically, I worked at healing myself. Sure I had resources but ultimately I did not accept the doctor’s recommendations. I went ahead and changed my life – for the better.

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