Everything we do, we do to meet a universal need.

Everything we do, we do to meet a universal need. At first I was sceptical about this statement. But as I started to analyse what I was doing  I realised I that it was true- everything I did was to meet a universal need.

Let me explain, I have started to meditate each morning before my breakfast and coffee. Why am I doing this? What need is it meeting? It meets my need for self-care, which includes focus and grounding, breathing deeply and pondering on my day. It allows me to have a quiet 10 minutes relaxation before I join the family for breakfast (during Covid there has been 7 of us in the house).

Later in the morning I will read a book (meeting my need for learning) or paint (meeting my need for creativity) or help my daughter by taking care of my grandchildren (meeting my need for contribution). I might help my daughter make lunch which meets a few of my needs, for example ( collaboration, connection and co-operation).

Looking at life through the lens of universal needs brings a certain clarity of intention to whatever we are doing. When we are aware of what needs we want to meet we can choose what strategies to use. Sometimes we do things we do not find enjoyable but if we look at them through the lens of needs we see there is a reason for our choice, they are needs we value. I wanted my daughter to have a good education so I enrolled her in a school I was working at. We had to get up early in the morning and drive for an hour to the school, but the expense and time was worth it to me as I valued education and learning.

Be careful using the self-talk “I have to”, or “I must” or “I should”. Remember to choose with care what needs you want to meet and then choose the strategy. Don’t “should” yourself. Choosing instead of using the ‘ “have to” self talk gives you power in your world and a greater sense of joy. Ultimately you take more responsibility for your actions and usually have more enthusiasm for the task.

4 thoughts on “Everything we do, we do to meet a universal need.”

  1. Thank you Heather for sharing your wisdom! Always such a joy and delight to read your blog postings! Sending peace and love, Chantal

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